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Introduction to Labor & Employment regulations in Japan

Risks of Dismissal and Working Hour Issues

Useful Likns for understanding Situations for Labour area in Japan

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Office Name(Japanese) Kurata Kokusai Roumukanri Jimusho
Office Name (English) Kurata International Labor Management Consulting
    604 NOA Shibadaimon Building
     1-4-4 Shibadaimon Minato-ku, Tokyo
Contact Tel: 03-6429-7435  FAX: 03-6429-7437
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Tetsuro Kurata
Name : Tetsuro Kurata
Born in Hyogo pref.
Graduated Yokohama City University.
Experienced global business in US based Large Scale Manufacturing Company. Now, acting as Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant' mainly focusing on foreign affiliated Companies.

  • Certified Social Insurance and Labor Consultant (Reg.:13040200)      
  • IT Coordinator  (Reg.:0019432003C)
  • Certified SAP Application consultant(Human resources) (Reg.:S0002719412)
Office Concept Based on international business experience, we provide Social Insurance and Labor Consulting services breaking the language barrier. One of our most proven and typical service is Drawing and Review of Work rules. We also provide reliable consulting on various labor related difficulties.
Service Area: Mainly Tokyo and Kanagawa for fixed consulting contract.
Our services are available in other areas for individual cases.
Member of: Tokyo Social Insurance and Labor Consultant Association
Small & Medium Enterprises Welfare Corporation
Business Consortium for Small Companies & Ventures
The Tokyo Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Alliance Kashimura Office (Yokohama Kanagawa)

Additionally, having wide area network of other consultants, Lawyers in Tokyo and Kanagawa

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Kurata International Labor Management Consulting
 1-4-4-604 Shibadaimon Minato-ku, Tokyo 105-0012 Japan
TEL +81-3-6429-7435 FAX +81-3-6429-7437
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